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Top sellers in this Category

  • Fibre Optic Plume
    Fibre Optic Plume

    Graceful illuminated fibres.   Requires 3 x AA batteries (not...

  • Slimline Projector
    Slimline Projector

    Throws a pleasant circular liquid image in a darkened room. Includes 1...

  • Laser Stars Projector
    Laser Stars Projector

    The Laser Stars Projector from TFH turns an ordinary ceiling into a...

  • Kaleidoscope Lamp
    Kaleidoscope Lamp

    Sends gently moving ripples of light around a darkened room.

  • Starlight Projector
    Starlight Projector

    Projects a starry nightlight in a darkened room

  • Aura Projector
    Aura Projector

    Silent LED projector, with interchangeable effect wheels. A bright and...