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Inexpensive equipment from the world of the disco will allow you to create an exciting sensory experience.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 20 items

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  • Laser Stars Projector
    Laser Stars Projector

    The Laser Stars Projector from TFH turns an ordinary ceiling into a...

  • Mini Mirror Ball Set
    Mini Mirror Ball Set

    6" battery-operated mirror ball and easy mount mini-spot light. Includes...

  • Mirror Ball Bracket
    Mirror Ball Bracket

    Bolts to a wall to suspend a Mirror Ball  (not included)

  • Gem Sphere Reward
    Gem Sphere Reward

    Rotates slowly, displaying different coloured lights. 12v. Requires a...

  • Budget LED Pinspot
    Budget LED Pinspot

    Lightweight colour changing pinspot, with adjustable speed.

  • Stand alone Mirror Ball
    Stand alone Mirror Ball

    Includes Ball and stand