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Mobility-encouraging equipment gets bodies moving, helping travellers on their way and along their journeys both developmental and A to B.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 17 items

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  • Didicar

    On a flat and even surface the rider paddles their way around with the...

  • Play Tunnel
    Play Tunnel

    Crawl inside a rainbow.

  • Mobility Trolley
    Mobility Trolley

    An essential piece of equipment for the sensory integration department....

  • Trumpet Steps
    Trumpet Steps

    Place each step down and jump from one to another! 6 non-slip discs, 3...

  • Dodgem

    Highly manoeuvrable hand-powered scooter.

  • Move your Body Thumball
    Move your Body Thumball

    24 different excercise suggestions.